Sunday, 7 April 2013


Busy day yesterday. Twas the club's annual 10k race. So it was a bit of an early start to get ready, go down and help with registration... then try to get the results done.
All in all it appeared to pass off well (even if they did run it the wrong way round - at least it was still 10k!). Importantly, for the runners, the weather and conditions were ideal. Beautiful blue sky, not too cold and hardly any wind - not had many days like that so far this year.
The weather, I think, helped push up the entries a bit and we had a pretty good turn-out of two hundred and seventy odd.
For the first time, too, we had a "family fun run" for kids of all ages (3 - 65). They got special "biscuit medals" - an idea I would like to see adopted in most races!
Once I got home and got the provisional results published I managed to get out for a wee 10k or so of my own.

Then today? Well, weather wise at least.... "normal service has been resumed". It's grim, dank, cold and grey. Even got snowed on at one point during my run today.

I enjoyed my run this morning though and felt quite good for all of it. Which may, or may not, be because of my breakfast. At the weekend's I like two mugs of coffee with my breakfast (decedent or what?). I also take my coffee fairly strong.
This morning, though, when I went through to make my second mug I couldn't find my usual instant stuff (the spare jar wasn't where it should have been). However, we have a jar of "instant" espresso powder (I can hear coffee purists groaning at the very thought). "That'll have to do" I thought.
So .... if an espresso is small and you need one spoon, and a mug is BIG, how much to use? Thought I'd err on the side of caution and bunged in five spoons.

Jeeze. Flew round my run today. At one point I looked at my heart rate on my watch and wondered if the sensor was in fact on my chest - or if I'd left it home near my hi-fi ...with some Art Blakey records pounding out! Didn't really feel like I was pushing it too hard today, but still went round six minutes quicker than the last time I did that route.

Strangely enough, I'm waiting on my friendly postman delivering my new acquisition - a 10cd box set of 19 Art Blakey albums. My recent flirtation with my Hank Mobley box set has given me a real taste for some classic Blue Note sounds again.


Anne said...

So that's why you were so keen on whether the post had arrived yesterday when we got back!

Ray Harris said...

Hi Stuart and Anne

Sorry I didn't make the 10k yesterday, I was visiting my home town - Coventry (don't laugh) Hope all went well.
My latest recovery from injury is going okay... I am ambling around in my trainers again.