Friday, 22 March 2013


There’s a new standard unit of measurement in Dunbar….
The “football park”.

The winter’s relentless wet and pissy weather has left our 415m grass track in a bit of a state (indeed last “Summer’s” wet, pissy weather didn’t help).
So we’ve been forced to seek out new areas for our interval sessions on a Thursday night. And the path around the football parks at Hallhill pretty much fit the bill.
A “football park” is 600m (or there about), so you can still cook up a half decent wee session.

I was on watch duty last night so had them going round 10 times in about 3 minute intervals (i.e. you run it in 2 you get 1 rest).
A bit “exposed” to the elements there and last night there was a nasty easterly wind for the first half of the circuit – but it’s character building (I just started them off and hid behind a wall for shelter).

Once I’d ended with my watch duties I set off for a wee 5k trot on my own at a nice sedate pace.
Managed to get over 50 miles in this week, so I’m pretty happy with that.
Couple of long training runs this weekend (weather permiting). Need to get some distance in. Running is going quite well at the moment but I've got my doubts about distance/stamina etc. As such it looks like the 50k in Perth next week has been scrattched off my dance card.

Oh joy!!
Another 546 days (and counting) of listening to this fat bawbags.

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