Sunday, 24 March 2013


Went out a wee bit early for my long run today.
Being snowed in yesterday, meant we had to do the shopping today and I was keen to get back for that.
So... don't know if it was the fact that I went my run fairly early after two large mugs of strong black coffee, the horrendous cold wind blowing round my nether regions, or what. But I had to stop half way round my run today to write my name in the snow.
And I'm not talking about a simple "Stu wiz 'ere" type scrawl. Lordy no. This was a full bladder "Stuart George Hay passed by here in the year of Our Lord two thousand and thirteen." in copperplate italics - complete with punctuation and a nice squiggly flourish at the end.
Think I may have got a bit of a chill or something.
Think the audience of sheep were pretty impressed though.

Pleased that despite the wind I chose to add a wee loop onto the end of the run and extend it by a couple of miles. Finished the run by going up into the hills a little towards Weatherly. The folks who live up there really do get snowed in a lot. On the way back down to our bit I had to jump off the road and into a drift that was about waist deep to let a plough get through. Think the driver got a bit of a shock when I came round the corner and met him (I didn't hear him because of the wind). The plough was trying to shift the worst of it and he was being followed by a gritter.

The rest of the weekend in planet "snowed in and nowhere to go" has been quite pleasant.
Watched the first episode of "Boss" last night (copied it a few nights back). Looks very promising. If you enjoyed The West Wing and/or The Sopranos you'd enjoy this.

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