Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I was out all day at a meeting yesterday. Never my favourite way to pass the time.
I don’t care if a meeting is work related or not it should be run efficiently. What you ideally need is someone in the role of “chair” who has three eyes… one on the agenda, one on the constitution and another on the clock. A chair with an iron fist is also useful.
Get into the room….discuss what has to be discussed and say what has to be said … then get out.
I despair of the type of person who sees meetings as a sort of social get together. Or people who view meetings as “their workload” rather than a means of achieving or defining their ultimate workload.
Might, partly, explain my utter contempt for [un]Civil Servants who view meeting attendance as justification for their continued existence – regardless of whether anything is achieved or not.
Anyway. At least it gave me another chance to view this really nice work of art by Eduardo Paolozzi located close to the office where the meeting was.
Really like his stuff, and there is quite a bit of it around Edinburgh.
This one is very representative of his stuff. It’s a sort of industrial/mechanical man who has been kinda “discombobulated” then reconstructed. Which was pretty much how I felt after the meeting.
Still, luckily the feeling left by the time I got myself down to the club last night (that may have been thanks to a relatively quiet train journey in the audio company of Mr John Coltrane).
Last night’s club run saw, possibly, the last Town Run at full “eyeballs out” pace this winter. Two of the 6.5 miles were run at sub 6:00 pace.
The good news (for me) was that the right calf didn’t give me any problem at all. It was a beautiful night clear, cool and not a breath of wind.
Not a fan of Spring (overrated season IMHO) but I am looking forward to a bit of light to go further afield on a Tuesday. Probably still do the Town Run for a couple of weeks - but I ain't going at that pace.

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