Friday, 15 March 2013


I toyed, briefly, with the idea of doing a short run today. But I’ve decided that two weeks without a rest day is enough for anyone (tell that to Ron Hill).
I’ve managed just over 50 this week, so that’s not too bad.
Importantly my calf “niggle” has gone. And I’m giving these the credit…..
Sod all your fancy made to measure orthotic-dooh-da insoles. £3.99 from Lidl !!  That’s what you need. Really nice gel heel pad on these wee beauties and they do seem to support my foot quite well. Not saying they would work for everyone – but they seem to do the trick for me. That’s me got a couple of pairs now.

It would be nice to say that a week’s easy running had helped the niggle – but I haven’t even had that “luxury”. Pretty hard interval session last night and a tough run round Dunbar on Tuesday put paid to any ideas I may have had in that direction. Though to be honest, Tuesday's hard run was my own stupid fault for trying to keep up with young Andrew Crichton!
Another good reason for a rest today is that I’ve got the Alloa half this Sunday. It would be nice to go into that without legs that are completely spent.

Going to kick start the weekend with my coffee, cake and jazz ritual. And today’s jazz comes courtesy of Clint’s wee boy Kyle Eastwood.
Again, I’ve only skim-listened to this one so far. But what I’ve heard of it it’s very good.
Got a few of his offerings and, while I enjoy them all, they have been a wee bit “bass heavy”. Not a strange thing given that he is a bass player to be fair. But this album seems to move away from that. It’s a bit more of a Kyle Eastwood – composer/band leader type album, rather than Kyle Eastwood – bass player type album.
While the previous albums haven't been exactly progressive or avant-garde, this album seems to take an even more backward glance towards past jazz influences. Nice trumpet and sax work on the album by Quentin Collins and Graeme Blevins. At times a couple of the tracks have a really laid back and cool, Miles Davis, late 50's feel to them - a bit "Lift To The Scaffold" type era.

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