Sunday, 10 February 2013


I've had a bit of a "niggle" from my left knee for about a week. I'm pretty sure that its an IT band "problem" and I'm almost certain what's caused it.
When I "blootered" my knee the other week like most knocks it wasn't that sore when it first happened - I think the adrenaline just keeps you going.
However, the days immediately after the incident saw the knee "run-able", but a bit sore. So, I simply think that while I've been running I've been doing so in a bit of an unusual fashion to compensate. Not been aware of doing it - but I'm pretty sure that's whats happened.
The niggle really kicks in if I'm trying to speed down hill (so not really a problem for me then).

Anyway. Managed a 17 mile steady run on it yesterday and it wasn't too bad (though I did slather on some brufen gel afterwards).

Today I was helping out at the last leg of the Borders XC down at Galashiels.
Didn't see any of the race at all and hardly got a chance to talk to anyone, but from what I did hear the race itself was quite "challenging".
I was tucked away in Gala' Academy doing the results. They even got me my own wee office - The Deputy Head's to be exact.
I only hope the Deputy Head wasn't planning any TV recording - I had to unplug his Sky "Plus" box thingummy to get a socket for my lap top (I did plug it back in before I left). Poor bloke is probably planning on settling himself in for a busy week at work by watching today's rugby.
Because I was in a room on my own I think people were taking pity on me. Everyone who came in to get results or hand over sheets was bringing me coffee and plates of cakes.
By the time I left I was buzzing, after three coffees, two carrot cake cupcakes, two slices of millionaires shortbread and a couple of tray bakes!!

After that lot I HAD to get out a run when I got home, so after I'd posted the results on t' web I went out for 8 miles.
Started my run at about 4:30 and got back about 5:30 - and didn't really need the head torch! Yes folks the lights are getting a bit lighter.

Saddened last week to hear that Edinburgh is to lose all five HMV stores! I know I have been a critic of HMV recently and I won't really miss HMV as is, but it's a sad farewell to the HMV as was. The last nail in the coffin of the HMV of my memory.
When they actually used to sell proper music to people who wanted to buy it (I'm, struggling to find anything worthwhile in HMV these days).

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