Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Today’s run took me past one of Leith’s Primary educational establishments. Though the concept of the juxtaposition of “Leith” and “Education” is a strange one.
Anyhoo. I was in a bit of a hurry. I had a good reason really for being in a rush. I wanted to go a bit of a longer run but, as I’ve not yet got the measure of my new paymasters and was keen to get back to work, the pace was abit quicker than I would have liked.
As I approached the holding pen of this particular school a colourful ball flew over the railings, into the traffic and over the road. It was lunchtime and all the kids had been released to allow the teachers time to have a gin or two, swallow some anti depressants or whatever else it is that they do to get through the day.
As I got closer I was met by the sight of rosy cheeked little urchins with faces pressed between the railings.

Haw! Mister! Goan get oor baw back.”

To whit I replied with a smile - “Sorry, can’t stop I’m in a hurry.”

To be countered by – “Away, ya’ miserable auld bastard”!!

Strange thing is….. he’s probably right.

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