Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Things have been a wee bit hectic lately (job wise).
Or at least, hectic by my standards.
Anyway, not always getting out to run when I would like, or indeed for as long as I would like (“long” as in temporal and spatial). My new employer has a strict “zero tolerance” policy to alcohol and drugs – and I’ve no problem with that at all. However, it would appear that they also have a “zero tolerance” policy towards lunchtimes. Who needs lunchtime when there’s fun meetings to be had?? Well… me for one.
So. With luck the situation will settle soon and even if I don’t resume my “usual” routine I can at least develop and settle into a “new one”.
Not saying I’m unique and I’m sure my circumstances are the same as thousands of others. It’s just another of those annoying instances where everyday life gets in the way of running.

Because last weeks mileage was low I tried to compensate at the weekend by going out for a couple of long un’s (Saturday and Sunday). The beautiful weather we had certainly helped there. Sunday’s run especially, an 18 miler that took in Spott, Biel and West Barns, was fantastic. I lost count of the number of runners, cyclists and walkers that I passed. I think the good weather really brought everybody out.
I will have to go for a long run this Saturday, but unfortunately I’ve got the Devila 15K on Sunday. I hope that if I take it easy on Saturday I won’t knacker myself too much.

I’ve finally got my bike set up and out on the road. The plan is to get long runs in at the weekend and then, if weather and time permit, try to get out on the bike as well.

All of this is fun …… but it does eat into my quality “me time” – i.e. trying to get my arse to take root to the sofa while listening to jazz and reading.

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