Thursday, 28 February 2013


There are times I think I must have been born stupid.

Had a sore leg all week – since Devilla. To be honest it was niggly before Devilla, and I think it was a “throwback” to my “bears in the wood” incident last weekend.
Anyway. It’s the calf muscle. I can’t decide if it’s got a little “tear” or if it’s the tendon (if I hold the calf and make little circle movements with my foot I can feel a “squeaky” feel – which is my understanding of a symptom of tendon problems).
Whatever – anything over 7min pace is pretty sore …. So I’m sticking to slow, slow, slow for a bit. Certainly Lasswade would be a nonstarter for this weekend. The main priority has got to be getting it sorted for Alloa in a couple of weeks.
Loads of stretches seem to be helping. As is the liberal, and oh-so-smelly, application of Tiger Balm. I’m slathering it on that thick at the moment that it would probably best be applied by a trowel.
But it’s greasy. So, so greasy. You just have to wash your hands straight away. But in an office you have to go to the loo to do that. “Oh I’m here in the loo…may as well have a pee….”
No. No. Thrice “no”. Wash your hands FIRST!!! Muppet! Every time I use that bloody stuff - will I ever learn??

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