Sunday, 20 January 2013


Thoroughly enjoyed today's run.
Winter is here - big time.
The snow, in some parts, is as high as my knees and the temperature is as low as a civil servant's IQ.
I decided to don grippy trail shoes and went up the back and round some of the access roads in the wind farms.
Ended up doing just under ten miles. Pace was very sedate, but that belied the effort that was put into the run. When you are running for that distance through predominantly soft, deep(ish) snow it does get a bit tough.
At one point I was passed by a tractor. I think the farmer was up with feed for the sheep. I decided to try and follow along in the ruts that he had created. However, it was probably harder running on this compact, uneven rut, so I ended up just plodding on through the snow.
The windmills looked quite impressive against the dark, leaden sky and as I looked at the blades I was amazed to see that each one had a thin white line along its length where the snow had been driven into it. I briefly thought someone had been up with paint and put "go faster stripes" along them.
The wind seemed to be picking up as well, and in one or two spots the snow had drifted across the road to about knee height.

Picked up a bit of a cold last week and, as these things do, its taken up residence in my chest. So today's run was sponsored by benylin, Ibuprofen and Beechams Blackcurrant flu drink. Lance would be proud of me.

It's ideal weather for sitting watching telly. We are happily ploughing our way through a DVD box set of series 1 of the killing at the moment.
I try not to watch too much telly and I often end up way behind what's currently popular. I'd heard so much about this that I was really pissed off that I'd missed it. So when I saw the box set for £2.99 just before Christmas I had to get it (one of Leith's payday loan/pawn shops/semi-legit "fences" ). Great stuff.
Another two series after this one - but I'll hold off till I get them at a bargain price as well (assuming there's anywhere left on "High Street UK" to actually BUY any DVDs!!).

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