Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Last night's club run was a very wet and windy affair.
Didn't help that I turned up at the club "pre-soaked" and covered in mud, as I'd cycled three mile down the road to Ian's before the club - in my running gear.
By the time we were just setting off for the Tuesday night run, I already looked as though I'd run a particularly muddy XC.
Anyhow. Prior to setting off I had made an announcement in the changing room. It was too wet to run with glasses - within a few yards they'd be covered in water and useless. No I was going to go "sans specs". I'll be fine.
This was met by sage words along the lines of "you know what your like - you'll only go and fall". Sage words that I pooh-poohed.

Outcome? Yes you guessed it - I only went and fell. Jesus-H-Christ. Twice in just less than a week (same knee too). I know that route like the back of my hand, so I'm utterly convinced that that bit of pavement is new!
Fair bit of blood and quite a lot of road rash. Tried to bluff it and make out it wasn't too bad - feckin' agony in the shower though.

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