Sunday, 13 January 2013


Off to Paxton today for the fourth leg of the Borders XC series (my third).
I was wary about this race. Not because of the terrain or the route, but because the previous day (and this morning) my stomach had been decidedly "iffy". I'm not a medical man and don't know how best to describe symptoms - but despite eating solids the contents of my stomach all had a decidedly "soupy" outcome. Not nice.
I was concerned that perhaps my system had been embraced by the deadly norovirus. However, it would appear that it hasn't been fully embraced - perhaps it's just had a little "cuddle"!
Went for a little warm up and felt fine, so I decided that the race would probably be OK. I did however "take precautions" and had a wad of tissue paper under my hat - just in case I had to shoot away off course! Luckily it wasn't needed.

The run was thoroughly enjoyable and had everything you could want from a cross country. Especially if you wanted mud. There was lots and lots of mud. Shin deep, claggy, globby, squishy mud.
Felt I had a good(ish) run and my position was pretty much what it's been in every other leg of the series.

A good turnout again today from Dunbar and everyone seemed to do well.

I'm off work for a week! Hurrah! I enjoyed my Christmas/New Year break that much that I've decided to have it all over again!
No...that's a lie. In reality, we're getting a new bathroom fitted, I've got leave left, so I'm off to let them in/make tea etc. I hope the guys who are coming to do the work like jazz .... it's going to be a bloody long for week for them if they don't.
I shall however, take the opportunity to try and get a couple of long training runs in (they can put radio 1 or whatever on when I'm out).

Feel like I'm starting to get a few races lined up to train for now; albeit a bit in the future. I'm signed up for a 15k trail race in February, intend to do a 50k in March, will probably do the Lasswade 10 .... and we are already signed up for a marathon. The Plusnet York marathon - in October. Jeeze 10 months away. But glad I did sign us up as it sold out in three days.

So. Loads of time to start the training, but I think I might make an early start on the carbo loading .
Saw this in Knowes Farm Shop yesterday and I couldn't let it go.
Now that's the only sort of January Sales that I care about (come to think about it, my diet might explain the stomach symptoms).

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