Tuesday, 22 January 2013


An unexpected "working from home day" today.
Courtesy of the weather! Snow to be exact.
It's a strange thing. Dunbar can be clear. The A1 can be clear. Even Innerwick can be clear. But rise above sea level just that little bit extra towards Woodhall and, suddenly, your in winter-bloody-wonderland.

Dug the car out this morning at 6 o'clock and we attempted to get onto the A1.
Only made it about a quarter of a mile down the road before Anne was forced to abandon the attempt.
The high winds overnight had blown soft snow off the fields onto the road and the road was covered in fairly impressive drifts.
Went home and emailed work to say I couldn't make it.

Very understanding about it. So I've taken about a hundred and forty more pictures; all from different angles that I intend to email in every day between now and July. "Oh yes, the snow's really bad up here."

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