Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Decided that I would run round the wind farms today.
Been a while since I've been up that way. Most of my runs lately have been over by Innerwick way.
It's a bit of a horrible start this run. Basically within about 10 meters from the house your into a pretty steep climb.
I really don't mind hitting hills once I'm a bit into a run, but I'm not too happy about starting runs on them (maybe if I'm warmed up I'm OK). My last three runs have all been a bit quick though, and I deliberatly wanted something today that would keep the pace down.
Anyway. The hill levels out after about a quarter of a mile and you run along a nice wee road with a wooded area on one side and a flat field on the other.
For a few years now there has been a "puddle" in the flat field. But its got bigger and bigger and has been a permanent feature now for about four years (cant remember the last time it fully dried up).
So. When does a "puddle" become a "pond"? Is there some sort of definition based on depth, or area?
I don't know. But I, personally, think this now qualifies as a "pond".
So. There I was running back from my 9 mile circuit round the wind farms when I noticed this little character.....
Who put that there? Pretty hard to tell from the photo, but it's about the size of a football.
Cracking! Made me laugh anyway.
And I don't run with a camera. But on this occasion I had to go back to the house, grab my camera and jog back.
Wonder how long it will be there? I don't know how you tell the gender of a duck (rubber or otherwise) - but I'm calling her Amy.