Sunday, 27 January 2013


Friday started with a plan. I was going to go to work EARLY, go a wee run, get back to the office, shower, then start the day. Because of the crappy weather, I'd had a fairly low mileage week and was keen to make up the difference (Friday normaly being a rest  day for me).
So we set off a few minutes after six am - me kitted out in running gear.
My. What a brilliant plan..... Well, it would have been if I hadn't spent about an hour and a half trying to dig the car out of various drifts.
Lycra and Gortex is all good and well when your running. But I do NOT recomend it for digging in blizzard conditions.
By the time we managed to get back home I was in agony with the cold.
Luckily a plough came along later - so we did get to work.

Yeserday, the thaw had set it, but the roads were slippery with ice and slush.

Today, I managed 15 miles and the only real danger was trench foot from all the water running down the road. A very rapid thaw indeed.

Best part of Friday? Home made pasta - Ravioli stuffed with Veggie Haggis, in a creamy whisky sauce. Burns Night - sort of.

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