Wednesday, 16 January 2013


A strange week (so far).
We've got builders in "doing" our bathroom. Or that was the plan.
The first day was spent in demolition mode as tiles were ripped off, the wash hand basin (or, if your common, like me, "sink") was taken away and my bath was hauled away. Thankfully, the cludgie has been left till the last minute.
Yes, tired of the old "bath-sink-cludgie" combo that "dates" so many bathrooms we've opted for a new ...err..."bath-sink-cludgie" combo. So - it'll all be worth it in the end (or so Anne tells me).
And then the problems started .... The removal of the bath revealed water. Lots and lots and lots of water - all sploshing about under the floorboards. Big puddles of it resting on the concrete floor.
Now. I'm not a technical type, but even I was will to hazard a guess that it shouldn't be there.
At first the fitting for the overflow on the bath was blamed and we thought that water from the overflow had simply gone down the back and was pooling.
So, he dried up the water....and it came back.
The there were two options. "A" a pipe is damaged ...or "B" your foundations/concrete floor are damaged and water is getting in from an external source (have I mentioned the pond at the side of the house?)

Luckily after two pretty sleepless nights, loads of worrying, a few lifted floor boards and the draining of tanks etc it looks as though it's "A". Thank feck, as the cost of repairing "B" is pretty much the equivalent of "knocking the house down and building it somewhere else". The theory is that at some point a nail has gone through a pipe. While not ideal, obviously, sometimes this can have no effect at all...until you move the pipe (What? Like shift the bath that the pipe is attached too?).

Today saw the first signs of stuff going IN to the "new" bathroom rather than stuff simply coming out of the old one.

Anyway. Because we have someone in working I've been going my runs at "daft-o'clock" to make sure I'm in and around when they are.
Monday's run was a pretty quick 9 miles (well, as quick as I want to go early doors with a head torch on).
Yesterday's run was fantastic. 6:10am in the snow. A bout half an inch of lovely, fresh, powdery snow. Not too much to make you feel like your wading through sand, but just enough to give you a really nice grip. Also running in snow with a head torch on is great - everything really comes to life.
Last night, though, when we were out with the club, what snow that was left had been pretty compacted and then frozen. The run was pretty slippy in a few places and care had to be taken.
So today I headed up into the hills. Up round by the wind farms. Wonderful up there, the snow was a few inches deep and made for an enjoyable run. Just a shame I couldn't have a bath or shower at the end of it :-(

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