Sunday, 6 January 2013


Back to the daily grind tomorrow (for a wee while at least). Bollocks.
Been trying to keep the old brain in "holiday mode" as long as possible, but these last couple of days I must admit that thoughts of my return to the "Arsehole Factory"* have been seeping back into my consciousness.

Anyhoo. Decided to go for a 14 mile run today. And very nice it was too. Over by Spott and Pitcox again.
Passed by quite a few "MAMILs" as I believe they are called (Middle Aged Men In Lycra). Sir B Wiggins has a lot to answer for.
I don't understand today's cyclists. There appears to be some "movement" away from bright, reflective, "safe" clothing, towards black. Got passed by a mini peleton today, and I don't know if they were cyclists or ninjas on their way to their next assassination - black leggings, black jackets, black helmets and in a few cases black glasses . When I was a regular cyclist it used to be the thing to wear lurid gear - the brighter the better. I remember going out on my bike in tops and leggings that, quite frankly, would have made Timmy Mallet puke! Orange leggings, a nice lurid blue, yellow and pink "Team Z" jersey and a nice pink safety helmet (and if it rained I always had a lovely lime green jacket scrunched up and tucked under my saddle).... mind you, all that didn't stop me getting hit by a car once. I remember still the drivers initial cries of "I never saw you!" as being a bit unlikely (b.t.w. he was coming out of a junction and I had right of way).
Take it from me; being told you look a twat may hurt your pride - being hit by a car simply hurts!!
A man for who the word "Twat" was created.
You would never tire of punching that face.
One rest day in the last 16 days and an average of about 11 miles a day. All in all it's been a fairly high mileage holiday. The mild, but annoyingly windy, weather has probably helped. Can't help feeling though that its going to get colder before long.

* The Scottish Civil Service - churning out high maintenance/low quality arseholes at the taxpayers expense since God-knows-when.

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