Wednesday, 5 December 2012


The best thing about working from home is...well, working from home.
I'm not a "people person" really and I like the solitude (certainly not a "civil-service-type-people person" at the moment).
It also affords me the opportunity, when on the phone, to look out my back window and view the comings and goings in the back garden and beyond - birds, cats, coos, sheep etc.
However, that in itself can be problematic.
On the phone this morning; to my boss of all people. He must have wondered what was going on when I interrupted him, mid flow, with a sudden cry of "Oh. You bad bastard!!".
I quickly explained it wasn't him (this time). I'd just seen a sparrow hawk swoop down and lift a wee blue tit from my bird feeder....honest.
Spent the rest of that particular phone call with my back to the window!

More feathery friends. About five times now in the last week or so, we've come across a wee tawny owl sitting in the road. Just up the top of Starvation Brae.
See it either in the morning going to work, or in the evenings coming home.
Just sits if its pondering something. Then, as Anne draws the car slowly up towards it, it just sort of slowly turns its us a bit of a stare for a few seconds, then flys away.
Same owl, same bit of road, same times of day. Cracking.

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