Saturday, 8 December 2012


Quite a high mileage week last week, but once more made up of loads of wee bits and pieces (65 miles). Included one day where I managed 16 miles, but that was split over three runs in the same day!
Really looking forward to the time off between Christmas and the New Year in the hope that I can try and get a couple of long 'uns under my [ever tightening] belt.
Anne's off today to the cross country at Fife, while I settled for a 7 mile bimble round the muddy roads of Woodhall. Met Andrew Crichton while I was out - he was doing some hill-reps along by the Brunt.
My run today was followed by my other favourite pass time ... a serious session of trying to get my arse to take root to the sofa while I caught up on some new jazz and lost myself in the new Rebus book by Ian Rankin (Standing In Another Man's Grave).
Not finished it yet and I don't want to give anything away, but I'm really enjoying it.
I like the way he's woven together the characters from the Rebus series with those of his later "complaints" series of books (though to be fair the character of Rebus did get a brief nod in both the "complaints" novels - without being specifically named).
It's maybe not the best Rebus book, but there's great comfort to be had in reading an instalment in a series you are both familiar with and enjoy. A bit like a visit from a friend - you might have nothing new to say, but you still enjoy the company.
I've put off reading the last of Reginald Hill's Dalziel and Pascoe books. That's another series I really like - so maybe it's time to revisit them next.
I do enjoy, after a run, and while reading a good book a nice coffee and cake (or biscuit). Can't really explain what got into me earlier in the week, but I had a go at baking! German Biscuits to be specific. Maybe not the most professional looking, but pretty good if I say so myself. A couple of "deviations" from the recepie. Instead of raspberry jam I used bramble jelly and instead of glace cherries I opted for the "common touch"  jelly sweeties!!

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Yak Hunter said...

Those biscuits look delicious, I am jealous!