Monday, 10 December 2012



Bit of a “wardrobe malfunction” this morning.

Normally pride myself on being a bit of a Dandy in the workplace (the old “mod” ethos still resides in there somewhere – pretty well hidden, true, but it is still there.)

Anyway. My 30” waist belt broke, the buckle came off – and “no” not because of my recent flirtation with German Biscuits. It simply had seen better days and gave up the will to live.

This caused a problem. The problem being that my 30” waist belt was holding up a 32” waist pair of trousers. I had visions of having to walk about all day holding my trousers up by hand!

This also raised a question in my mind. If my belt has been 30” for about 5 years – how old are these trousers (pre on the wagon days probably)??? Anyhoo.

Ended up tying the buckle back onto the belt with some yellow nylon parcel string. Maybe not the best look in the world – but it did the trick. The yellow string also matched the yellow soles on the old Brooks Adrenaline I often shuffle about in.

It was enough, anyway, to get me safely to Lidl at lunchtime where a rather expensive £2.99 replacement could be bought. Yes I know it’s a lot to pay – but what the hell. I like to look my best. Anyone who has ever been to Lidl in Leith will confirm you can walk about there in an old pair of running shoes, with your trousers held up by yellow string and still be a bit of a natty dresser!!

Sadly upon my return to the office I discovered that the “small” belt was still a bit on the long side – so a pair of scissors were brought into action and a new hole cut.



On a slightly different note. Apparently Creative Scotland have just released funds in an attempt to “make jazz hip” and remove it from its tired old image of being a music for scruffy, bearded, beer-bellied, pale males. What a lot of crap…where do they get these ideas??

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