Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Managed to get out for a 14 mile run on Sunday. Which was nice.
In fact. I've been out every day now for about 12 days without a break and, while I might have a rest day this Friday, I'm now intent on being out every day while on Holiday, all the way through to the return after the hols'.
Even New Years Day is now "spoken for", as we've pre-entered the Promathon at Portobello.
Normally registration for this has been on the day and they've attracted in the region of 350 for it. But they've gone down the road of pre-entry, have capped it at 350 or so, and might "only" get 200 or so. I don't blame them one bit - from an organisational point of view pre-entry is much easier (I know it's not always popular with runners - but there you go). I've noticed that changes in the organisation of races are often most unpopular with runners who don't seem to actually get involved in much organisation (coincidence??)
Anyhoo. Like most runners I keep a "log". Mines is a pretty basic spreadsheet (time, distance, heart rate, comments etc). But it does have the advantage that I can tell very quickly how many runs I've done.
Last nights club run was my 353rd run this year. And yesterday was the 353rd day of the year.
Obviously I have had rest days, but some days where I do two runs obviously add up. All being well I could end this year (a leap year) with 366 runs under my belt.
The plan for the rest of December is to increase the mileage - while reducing the effort. Long(ish) runs at a nice steady pace.

Got to try and set myself some goals for the coming [running] year. Only did one marathon this year. Fancy doing two again next year. One in the Spring then maybe an Autumn one. I missed doing an Autumn marathon - I, personally, find that in the Autumn you are, hopefully, coming out of an injury free summer of long runs and races. It's probably when your at your best.

And what of "Planet-Everything-Else-Except-Running"?? Well. Apparently, "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" - or so I'm told. Things might "click into place" when I finish work on Friday - But it's not really "working for me" so far this year.
So... in an attempt to "get into the groove" I am going to try a wee experiment. I've really been enjoying the Jazz Breakfast's "Festive 50" (see link to the right). In an attempt to emulate this feel good factor I'm going to share with you my top 5 of 2012.
Here's the deal. They won't necessarily be albums produced in 2012. It will just be the five albums that have appeared on my jazzy radar this year, that have made an impact.

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