Friday, 28 December 2012

C. C. C.

Been spending a very "traditional Christmas", like most people, by observing the three "C"s.....
Wallowing in the spoils of Consumerism, eating my own body weight in Chocolate and watching Crap on the telly.
So to offset this I'm trying to keep my daily training runs in the double figures.
Managed it so far. Though the wind and the rain are definitely doing their best to ruin it for me.
It had always been my intention to keep the mileage up but the effort down, by keeping the pace low. Sadly this isn't really happening. The pace is down a bit - but the effort is up - just to get through the wind!

The time off is giving me loads of opportunity to revisit some of my favourite jazz. And another of my top five from 2012 has to be Tom Bancroft Trio Red: "First Hello To Last Goodbye".
Tom Cawley on Piano (I love his own trio Curios) and  Norwegian Per Zanussi on bass join drummer Bancroft.
Some really good solos and improvisations here that just push the boundaries, while remaining on the safe side.

There are two versions of Bancroft's "Landa and Crawford's Theme" which appeared in an earlier Bancroft project with Orchestra Interupto. To me the more gentle treatment from the trio make this the better format.

A beautiful record and a great reminder of the talent we have here in Scotland.

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