Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Most who know me will comment on what a little ray of sunshine I usually am....
Well, maybe not. But I'm not normally this bad.

My work situation (normally just shite) is "utter shite" at the moment.
Since we heard that we had lost the contract and were getting TUPEd morale has, understandably, been lower than it is these days in the offices of the Jimmy Savile Fan Club.

Anyhoo... It's leaving yours truly like a seething little knot of perpetual contempt, loathing and anger which might be spilling into other parts of my life (i.e. the non-work - normally "fun" parts). I feel like a little clockwork robot... get up...go to work...go a run....have tea....go to bed ....repeat ad-infinitum (only stuck in angry mode).
I need a break.

On the plus side (if there is one) I seem to be able to channel my anger into my running. Got round the Tuesday night town run in no time last night.
Though I don't know if that was anger-fuelled or if it was maybe due to the fact that Andrew Crichton turned up last night for a bit of a run and pretty much dragged us all round in his wake.
Quite enjoyed it - once my heart rate had come down a bit from the "jeeze that's no healthy for a man of your age" zone.
Though today's 8 miler was a much more sedate pace. Mind you I have been spending the morning "self medicating" with Kenny Wheeler, John Coltrane and Miles Davis records......"nice".

"Calm...Calm"..Deep breaths....

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