Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hate it when so called "real life" gets in the way of my running.
Got to go through to the DGP tomorrow for an "interview". Not anything as exciting as an interview for a new job - hell no, this is only for the job I've already been doing for 18 years (which might explain why I'm sick of it). As if that was bad enough then the location for the interview isn't even "neutral" - it's in the "client's" offices. Right in the heart of the "Fuck-Wits Lair".
Anyway. Can't very well turn up complete with smelly kit-bag, then cut the interview short because I have to "nip out and do a quick six miles up by the majestic Clyde" (nice as that would be).
I shall try instead tomorrow to get in a brief 5k or so after the interval session.

Then at the weekend. We're off to York. Looking forward to that - but it'll still curtail the old running a bit.

Tried to compensate for what will be a low mileage week, today, by going our for a steady 11 at lunchtime. Very nice.

Speaking of "nice".... got yet another "strings" album. Blue Mitchell "Smooth As The Wind". Only Blue Mitchell stuff I've had previous to this are a couple of his Blue Note offerings ("Thing to Do" and "Down With It"). Though he played with Horace Silver on a lot of his dates as well, which I've also got. His playing was always in the Hard Bop idiom, but tinged with a hint of soul. And he seems to bring both these elements to this session.
It's a tiny bit different from a lot of strings numbers. He takes a few Blue Note standards, slows them right down, then lays the strings on top (not exclusively Blue Note though). Like most "strings" offerings, it can get a bit cloying and melancholy, but the overall feel is "nice" (not every album can be great and there's nothing wrong with a bit of "nice").
His treatment of Horace Silver's "Peace" deserves a listen.
Have to load it to my MP3 player..... just the thing for calming the nerves as I alight onto the Queen Street selection ramp tomorrow.

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