Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Because we were at Lauder on Sunday, for the cross country, my opportunities to do LSD have been limited this week (Sunday being one of my two days where a long run is a possibility).
I keep reminding myself that it doesn't really matter if my weekly mileage drops a bit - nothing long planned anyway over the winter, but it still doesn't feel right.
Daft thing is, the mileage drops every year round about now - and every year I go through exactly the same feelings.
Problem is, and much as I enjoy them, the cross country races seem to come along all at once - a bit like buses.

Still. Did nine mile today at lunchtime but the legs were already heavy after a hard "two-run-Tuesday". On top of that today was one of those days where I felt as though the wind was coming at me from every direction. There was no respite from it at all.

Much like on the telly... where there seems to be no respite from the American elections. "Jesus-H-Christ-on-a-bike". I know it's of global importance, but not 24hour coverage.

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