Monday, 26 November 2012


God alone knows how many pairs of running shoes are hanging about the house just now - and none of them dry! Think the only "running injury" anyone is likely to get in this weather is trench foot.
I quite enjoy being out and then it starting to rain....but I hate setting off for a run when it's tipping it down.
A wet summer followed by a crappy wet winter? Oh joy.
We were off to York for a few days over the weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
We went down on Friday and the day was beautiful. Sunny but bitterly cold, with clear blue skies. Sort of day I love. However, by the time we got down, had a bit of a wander round, went to visit Anne's mum, booked into our hotel etc. , there wasn't really time for a run (Friday's our traditional "rest day" anyway).
Then on Saturday the day loomed Baltic cauld and foggy. Dank and dreech all day. However, we did try to set off on our "usual" riverside run.... only to be forced to turn at about 1.5 miles. I don't think the ground has dried out since we were last there in June, to be honest. So we ended up doing a pretty uninspiring 6.5 mile run along by the main York - Thirsk road.
The plan on Sunday had been to go for a bit of a run early doors, before breakfast, but as we lay in bed in the hotel, listening to the rain battering of the window that plan was soon altered to "just stay here till the breakfast room opens". Ended up doing about 8.5 miles yesterday when we got home. Conditions were probably even worse by then, but at least when you've been on the go for a few hours your resolve is a bit more tougher and focused.
Then this morning? Chucking it down again so just the small 8.5 miler. Nearly fell at one point when I tried to run through what I thought was a wee puddle and it turned out to be quite a sizable pot hole!

Best thing about a run in this weather is often a nice long, hot shower when you get back.
Thing is out bathroom hasn't really had much done to it since we moved in. Our "shower" is just one of those efforts that runs off the mixer taps and it takes ages to heat a tank of water for a shower.
So. We're in the market for a new bathroom and today we were off looking at a bathroom showroom for ideas and inspiration. Got a "designer"/salesperson coming out next week.
I just want a shower with a bit of "oomph" that'll get rid of some of the XC mud I get covered in.

No trip to York would be complete without, at least, one visit to Rebound Records. One of the best second jazz CD shops that I know of. I could happily spend a day in there.
Since my shift to downloads I haven't had as many opportunities to spend time going through rows and rows of CDs (realised how much I missed it).
Anyway. Got one - Monty Alexander "Trio".
Got chatting to the owner and I asked him if he wouldn't mind keeping an eye out for an album I've been after for many a long year - Forward Motion "The Berklee Tapes". It's one of Tommy Smith's first recordings and I'm keen to hear it. It's on the "Hep" label. If, by any chance, you see this and you have a copy..............
Now. I've not been in the shop since June. I've only been in the shop about five times in four years and haven't spoken to the guy for about three.... But as soon as I gave him my name and phone number, he remembered straight off who I was, where I lived and what I had bought three years ago ("yes, you phoned up for the live Enrico Rava album")! You don't get service like that from 'tinternet!!
Ended up having quite a long chat about how many former jazz bootlegs are making their way into the legitimate market place.
Probably be Spring next year when we're back in York...but I'll definitely be back there.

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