Tuesday, 16 October 2012



Slightly different run today. Went down towards Seafield, as per…, but on the way back I dodged up the road that used to lead to the old Eastern General Hospital and from there joined the cycleway that goes to Leith Links.

From there is was along by the high flats then down to Shore Place, before heading back to the *rsehole factory. The weather has taken a decidedly “wintery” twist – so to be honest I probably wasn’t experiencing these new surroundings at their best (too many road crossings for my liking too).

Not the nicest of runs if I’m honest, but I wanted to change my routine slightly so that I don’t get too caught up in pace and speed and the whole checking-the-watch-at-every-bloody-“landmark” type thing.

My few days rest/cycling really seems to have helped the sore rib, but I’m determined to keep the pace on the “low” side for the next week or so just to make sure.

To that end… while I will go down to the club tonight I’m really not wanting to get wound up in the whole “bombing round at eyeballs-out pace” that seems to define most of our winter training. If your fit - it’s the business….but if your getting over an injury or suchlike it can be a one way ticket to relapse.

A look back at my log for last week revealed that the last three training runs, before the rib became too painful, were all in my “blue” zone (“green” = easy, “blue” = hard, “red” = interval/race pace). Stupid, to say the least.


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