Saturday, 6 October 2012


My Hero......
A great/crap morning.
I loved/hated it.
The club's 10 Mile race today. "Doon Hill" as it's also known. Though, sadly, this year we actually had to miss out Doon Hill (the owner has seen fit to plough it up!) and had to divert the runners up "Brunt Hill" - a nicer run (IMHO) but perhaps slightly less of a "challenge".
Anyhoo... I was helping out. Registration and results (as per....).
Thing is...while I accept that I might have certain "skills" that make me capable of doing that and I can do it - I don't enjoy doing it. I find it quite stressful...and while I can work under stress I can't necessarily hide it too well.
I have s sort of "release mechanism" that's a bit like the old rattly tops you used to get on your mum's old prerssure cooker. But it sometime's manifests itself in a sort of Malcolm Tucker-esque  way.
So if I offended anyone - sorry. That was just me enjoying myself.

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Yak Hunter said...

Malcolm Tucker is the BEST!