Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I mentioned the other day that I'd cracked/knocked/hurt a rib when fixing my sceptic tank?
Well, it's not getting any better. Though, to be honest, it wasn't really getting any worse ... till today.
Tried to go a wee run today and ended up only doing about half a mile it was so sore.
I don't know if I've been lying on it while I've been sleeping or something but it's pretty sore today. So far this past week it's been OK running. Coughing, laughing, sneezing or bending to tie shoes? Sore. But running? No problems.
Ribs ...(it's the only picture I could find)
But today it's been sore. So, as I said, other than a half hearted effort at lunchtime - no running.
Another thing that just might have exacerbated the problem has been the types of runs I've done lately. The last three have all been pretty quick paced (6:30ish). Including last night's club run that was run at the usual daft pace.
I'll give it a day or so and then get back to "bimbling" for a little while rather than full-on "tonking along". I think the extra work on the lungs has probably put a bit pressure on the rib cage (or maybe its just all the jolting up and down).
Don't want to share too much ...but ...the pain today has been the sort that just won't budge with Ibuprofen and/or paracetamol. Time to dig out the pharmaceutical "big guns" - my "expires January 2011" packet of Co-Dydramol (a good hypochondriac never throws out drugs).
The problem with these is that they seem to work by sending you to sleep.
Not ideal. I'm usually dead on my feet by the time the ten o'clock news comes on without chemical assistance!!

Off work tomorrow. If it's still sore I might dig out old [t]rusty and go for a cycle raher than a run see how I get on with that.

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