Sunday, 28 October 2012


Bit of a busy weekend.
We were off to the National XC Relays at Cumbernauld yesterday, so the morning was spent shopping etc, before we dashed back, got our gear and headed off.
We get our fruit and veg from Knowes Farm Shop (have done for some time now). It's a fantastic place that's won a barrow load of awards over the years. Recently it's changed hands as the original owners have decided to retire and a couple of young blokes have bought it.
I hoped they wouldn't change things.
There appears to be some sort of hippy construction called a "yurt" that has been erected to the front of the premises..... Oh dear. That tells me all I need to know.

Anyhoo. The relays? A tough, twisty turny, hilly route that followed a bit of red and white ribbon as it meandered it's was for 4000m round a large park. I honestly don't know what else to say.
Physically very demanding, but rather uninspiring if I'm honest. Best thing about it was catching up with other runners.
I was sent off as first runner, which was a wee bitty daunting to be honest. It's too much like the start of a "normal" race. Your performance can be judged right away from the moment the gun goes. Anyone can see how far you've progressed or how far you've dropped through field. Anyway, none of the team appeared to be too disappointed with my performance so it must have been pretty much "as expected".
Haven't seen any results yet, so I don't know how we did. But lets just say that we didn't set the heather ablaze (anyway, there wasn't any heather to set ablaze).

Then today it was off down to Jedburgh for the half marathon. At one point I had toyed with the idea of doing the 38 mile ultra today, but my nightmare at the Two Breweries has left me completely scunnered with the whole idea of hills and stuff like that.
So 13.1 miles. On tarmac. Now yer talkin'.
Luckily, Dunbar Running Club has not, as yet, taken a sort of "Team Sky" approach and asked its members to sign a pledge that they do not/have never doped. So I popped a couple of bruphen beforehand to "ease" my sore legs from the day before. Also, I didn't rest on Friday last week - so today was also my 11th run in 9 days without a rest.
As in previous years, the first 3 miles are ran at an alarming pace as you get caught up with the guys at the front who are "only" doing the 10k. But if you can use this as a "launch pad" and then just hang in there for dear life, it can get you a quick time.
Again the wind was against us this year on the way back and my mile time did drop a bit, but still happy with my 1:20:08 when I crossed the line. Slightly quicker than last year.
Anne's had a bit of a hip niggle recently but had quite a good run, so hopefully that's on the mend.
It had been threatening rain all morning, so I made the decision to run today without my specs (I can still "just about" see enough for running). A shame really as it didn't rain and the route goes through some really nice countryside.
Is it just me, or are the trees looking even better this Autumn? Maybe it was the crap summer that did something to them but there just seems to be so much more colour this year.
Better stop now...starting to sound like a tree hugger. I'll be building an "eco yurt" next.


runtwo said...

What's this 'yurt' thing?- causing some angst.

Good running.

Stuart said...

It’s a sort of “trendy” “posh” tent. Currently favoured by the odious hippy-eco-warrier type. All knit your own yogurt pots and that type of crap.
I think they’re the type of canvas hovels that hippies have “primal scream” therapy sessions, and that sort of nonsense, in.
Hippies are just the lords way of telling us there aren’t enough guns in the world.