Sunday, 7 October 2012


Absolutely beautiful morning this morning.
Just the sort of day I like - a crisp, clear, autumn morning. Bit of a nip in the air and a touch of frost at the side of the road. it time for a long sleeve top? Decided against it, and quite happy that I did as within the first couple of miles I'd warmed up quite nicely.
Took the pace up a little bit today. Decided that if the mileage was going to be curtailed a bit this weekend I might as well make the miles that I do manage count!!
Ended up doing 11, so ...not too bad.
My rib that I "knocked" when fixing the septic tank still hurts like hell when I cough, sneeze or laugh (so...not often then). But it appears to be completely hunky-dory when I'm running. Must be my completely natural and elegant chest-out back-curved style that I have. Knew it would come in handy one day.

Got home and had a coffee and a bit cake before heading out again. Bramble picking!
We thought we'd maybe left it too late this year, but luckily.....nature's left it late as well, and there was an abundance (though now that we are getting frost they might not last much longer).
Picked quite a lot, and they are now in the process of being washed, boiled, sugared, bashed and whatever else is needed in the alchemic process that Anne puts them through before jam is obtained.

Through in the DGP tomorrow (not been there for many a happy week now). Sadly it's through there for a meeting, so the running gear won't be going with me :-(
Off to meet my new "owners". Maybe find out who I'll be working for and, more importantly, where I'll be based. What an enjoyable start to the week that'll be......Hope to hell they don't ask me what I think about our client.... remember what I was saying about stress and pressure cookers?

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