Wednesday, 3 October 2012


And so it begins.....
Last night's club run was the first of the dark night's "toon runs". Yes. We did manage to tag a couple of miles or so onto the beginning while we still had some light and those first couple of miles were taken moderately. But once we were back into Dunbar and onto the usual route the pace picked up to "eyeballs-out".
Used to this by now and I usually try to adapt my Wednesday run to take this into account (i.e. I try for distance rather than speed), but today circumstances were against me and about the only free time I had for my run was between 6:15 and 7:15 (which strangely enough, in a day of blue skys was about the only hour when it piddled down non stop).
No street lighting at all round here - so it was head-torch, LED arm-band and reflective bib on. Quite enjoyed it, though the legs were a bit tired from yesterday.

Got back and had to make a couple of "fine adjustments" to my septic tank pump. This entailed me lying on the ground with my head, arms and chest in the chamber (lovely - smells a bit "gamey" but you do get used to it). Only - as I moved onto the lip of the manhole cover I caught a rib on the metal lip. Feckin' agony, and I'm not sure if I've managed to crack it or just given it a hefty knock. Bloody sore though when I cough, sneeze or laugh.

A shame then that I should do this on the day when the Civil Service are shown up for the bunch of incompetent, worthless, cretins they are. A mere £40million wasted. Watching the news has been fairly amusing.
And if anyone thinks that could never happen with a public tender in Scotland ..... dream on.

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