Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I love this time of year.
Early Autumn I suppose you'd call it. The light just seems better, natures colour pallet is better (still a wide range but a hell of a lot less garish than the overrated "summer"), you get just the right balance of night and day, and the temperature is, to me, usually just right. It's as though after a completely shambolic farce of a "summer" nature has at last got itself balanced and it's house in order.
Pity it can't be like this for about 11 months of the year.

Even last night's club run was well balanced. An 11.5 mile mix of road and country path - something for everyone (though little in the way of hills)!
Pace was high but I really enjoyed it, and it's all adding up to what is going to be a fairly high mileage week for me.

Sadly not everything in the garden is rosey and my world is not populated by little cartoon bluebirds. As ever, just when things are going well, even for a short while, somebody or something comes along to piss on my chips.
And here it is....I appear to be coming down with some sort of post-holiday/late-summer cold or lurgy-type-thingumy.
The back of my throat feels like its coated in very hot sandpaper?! Not nice at all.
Still, by the critera of the old "neck-check" it's still ok to run - so I will. Also, better to get things like this out the way before the long weekend next week (yes...another reason to like September).

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