Tuesday, 11 September 2012



Couple of runs under my belt so far this [working] week. Not been too bad either.

However, the last stubborn vestiges of the lurgy have been affecting me a bit. I’ve been a lot better than I was on Sunday, but still not up to par.

This has resulted in the old ticker getting a bit of a blootering as I attempt to do my normal runs in my normal times.

Yesterday, for example, saw my rate shoot up to 220 at one point…and a quick two fingers placed on the side of the neck convinced me that my monitor wasn’t playing up!! Needless to say I slowed the pace quite considerably for a bit!

Today wasn’t too bad, but a bit of a look back at the records suggests that  my heart rate should have been about 10% lower for the pace I did. It was an interval session for my heart coupled to a steady run for my legs.

Then again, don’t know if it’s the illness that’s causing the abnormalities, or my approach to over the counter drugs. If a tablespoon of Benolyine is beneficial then surely it stands to reason that a half pint will be that much better. If I thought it would help I’d quite happily snort LemSip powder up my nose, off a mirror, through a rolled up ten pound note!

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