Tuesday, 25 September 2012



The last vestiges of summer are well and truly gone  (for what it was worth).

Last night the greater Dunbar conurbation, much like the rest of Scotland, “took a bit of a doin’” off the wind. And, as ever, when the wind gets above the old  “bit of a breeze” level the ancient electrical infrastructure of Woodhall is proved inadequate.

At 9:15, just as Lionel Hampton was striking up the first few chords of Airmail Special he, like all the residents on my music system was silenced and the house was plunged into darkness.

With a resigned sigh head torches were donned, appliances were unplugged, alarms were set on watches for the morrow…and an early night was had.

Here’s a strange thing… I don’t sleep with the light on. So why do I find it so hard to settle down to sleep knowing the power is off??

Anyway this morning dawned …. Well it feckin’ dawned about 90 minutes after I had got up! Got up to a dark house, with no hot water and no cheery BBC newsreaders to welcome me to another bog-awful day on this poxy planet. The only voice (other than Anne’s) was the disembodied one on the phone who lies on behalf of Scottish Power, informing me that I should phone back if no power was on by 2pm (it had been 12:45 last night). It’s not so long ago that this service was free … you now have to pay a “local rate” to have Scottish Power lie to you.

As no hot water = no shower, a shower was had at work. And if your having a shower at work? Might as well go a run first!!

The Water of Leith, Granton and Newhaven this morning, just before 7, all looking decidedly “windswept and interesting”. No trees as such, but a lot of big branches and other debris littering the path. Only saw a couple of other runners and very few cyclists. Very tough going and pretty slow. It was also this seasons first outing for my yellow reflective bib. Quite enjoyed it though. Legs still sore from Saturday’s outing so it was nice to have the wind to use as an excuse for taking it easy.

Not doing Loch Ness this year (kinda’ wish I was). But looking at the forecast for Sunday it looks as though the runners will get a good tail wind most of the way.

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