Sunday, 30 September 2012


Out for a bit of a long un' this morning.
Over by Crowhill and Cocklaw. Enjoyed it, but still feeling a bit "tenderness" in the quads after my shot at the two breweries.
My route was a circuit so I did get hammered by the wind at one point, but speed wasn't the name of today's game - so what the hell.
I did think of my club colleagues who were out at about the same time as me, up in Inverness. All being well they got the same stiff wind behind them for the vast majority of the run.
Kind of wish I had been up there too. I really enjoy running up in that neck of the woods and enjoy making a weekend out of it. Think I might try the Inverness Half next year.
I ordered new shoes about ten days ago. And, despite getting an email last Monday to say they've been dispatched, I haven't received them yet. Getting a bit concerned. I'll give the company a call tomorrow.
In the meantime another bit of remedial repair work with ShooGoo was called for.

Got a new CD yesterday. Well, I say "new", its actually  a release of a 1964 concert in Copenhagen by the Miles Davis Quintet. It was, by all accounts, one of the first gigs with the "new" line up for the quintet, with Wayne Shorter on sax (Shorter was actually Coltrane's suggestion as a replacement). This was to mark the start of the "second" classic quintet. The first classic quintet had Coltrane on sax, and there had been a few temporary incarnations before this line up was settled on. I've a recording of one of these short-lived quintets with George Coleman on sax and I think its brilliant.
Anyway, this quintet was to be the quintet that was to remain with Miles all the way through to the development of his "electric period" (a.k.a "utter crap" - IMHO).
But thankfully this CD is safely rooted in the traditional acoustic/hard bop/modal  tradition, but you do get the feeling that Shorter is perhaps a bit keen to push the boundaries a bit.
Usual Davis 60's selection for the play list "Autumn Leaves, So What, Stella By Starlight etc. Herbie Hancock, as ever, brilliant on piano.
A very nice, and fairly well recorded, addition to my collection. Sound isn't what you'd expect these days, but its adequate. Don't know if it's been edited out, but theres no introduction of the band and no introduction of the numbers, by the band. In fact other than some applause by the audience you'd be hard pushed to know its a live concert your listening to.
The linear notes don't really say why this gig was originally  recorded (TV, radio, private use??) and doesn't explain why it lay for the best part of 50 years before being released.
Strange that after all these years "undiscovered" tapes keep popping up (ECM have recently released a "new" Keith Jarrett recording from 1979). Quite pleased that they do though.

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