Sunday, 2 September 2012


..... not only a superb album by Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges. It also describes my approach to running this weekend.
Because we were still off work on Friday, we managed to do the usual stuff that we do on a Saturday then (shopping for groceries, taking stuff to the recycling centre etc.).
This has meant two complete days at home with very little that we have to do.
As such, there's been very little left to define what's a "typical" Saturday and what's a "typical" Sunday. So I've just sort of merged the two days together.
I've also taken advantage and decided to do two sessions of LSD "back to back".
Yesterday was a solo affair and I went off for 16 miles out by Crowhill, Cocklaw and Oldhamstocks.
Today, however, I joined Ian R and George for a twenty miler out by Biel and then back via the Chicken Farm and cycle way by the cement works. I met Ian and George about half a mile from the house just after nine and the weather was still a bit dull and grey. However, as the run went on and the sun came out the heat built up quite a bit and perhaps started to affect the pace a wee bit.
The advantage though of going out in a small group like that is that you do tend to keep to a more even pace, or at least a slightly quicker pace than you might if you are out on your own (well.... for me at least). Too easy when your out on solo runs, if you start to feel a bit tired, to either cut the run short or simply to drop the pace too much.

So. A good weekend with a fairly high mileage.
Better tootle off now and start to get stuff ready for my return to the arsehole factory tomorrow. Oh how I'm looking forward to those five o'clock starts!!

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