Thursday, 16 August 2012



Nylon may be OK in a shower. Gortex might be hunky-dory in a downpour. But when it comes to rain of biblical proportions – as witnessed during last nights Carfrae Mill to Gifford run, there is only one truly waterproof “base layer” that’s up to the job…….”skin”.

Not only is skin waterproof but nature has seen fit to cover us in such a way as to provide natural channelling and run-off technologies. Bothersome rain simply runs down the neck, follows the contour of the spine before channelling itself down the crack in your arse.


A really, really great run. And despite the weather, which was grim, I really enjoyed it.

The bus left Gifford to take us to the start shortly after the rain started. As we sat on the bus clad only in tee shirts and shorts, it just got heavier and heavier and then a wee bit heavier (just for good measure)

We got off the bus and took what little shelter we could against the gable end wall of the hotel. But we had to set off sometime and eventually we did. First few miles were a bit quicker this time (I think) – not that anyone was “racing” as such, there was just a general feeling that the quicker we got back the quicker we would be out of this foul weather. At least it wasn’t cold. It was wet, it was windy but it was warm. Too warm even for the best running jacket I would imagine.

One casualty of the weather though was my sight. Even with the peak of my hat pulled as low as it would go to try and get some protection my glasses were useless. So by the time we got to the top of our climb at Threep Law I’d removed them and was running along with them in my hand.

The result? Well, surprisingly, because I couldn’t really see all the bumps and holes and tussocks and what-not’s I actually came down the hill a lot quicker than I usually do.

Got back to Gifford just as my watch tipped over to 1:14, so I was pleased with how I’d run. A few of the others were “holding back” mindful that they have the Haddington Half at the weekend.

A very nice meal in the Tweeddale Arms rounded off a great night.

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