Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Off last night to Musselburgh to do the fourth race in the East Lothian Summer Series races.
A nice 4.4 mile dash round "The Grove" by the side of the Esk, under the A1, up towards Cowpits, into Inveresk then back down into The Grove and back to the start.
While me and Ian S were doing a little warm up run we suddenly became aware of a load of young lads sprinting in the same direction as us - turns out that one of the local football teams (Musselburgh Windsor??) were out training.
Amusing that as we turned to go back for the start of the race the coach shouted at us "why are you stopping? Oh! Your no' one of ours...."
Started off WAY too quick, trying to hang on to Willie Taylor (first mile at 5:41). Didn't help that as we got to the first mile, or there abouts, Musselburgh Windsor had decided to spread themselves over the relatively narrow path. I managed to find enough breath to below a warning to them - to which most of them complied. One young scamp however felt the request was best responded to by mooning me!! Charming.
By the time we got to The Cowpits I was starting to flag a bit and Ian S caught me.
The dash down from Inveresk back to The Grove is a fairly gentle drop and offered me a wee chance to catch my breath.
Managed to get back without incident and I was fairly content with my time (26:27).
Not the one we saw........
After the run we were all having a natter. Generally just comparing notes, having a bottle of water and getting our breath back.
At first I thought I was seeing things, but a group of cyclists came along the path we had ran on about ten minutes earlier - led by a bloke on a Penny-Farthing! Not an original one - this looked new(ish), with a tubular frame and "proper" hubs and rims etc. Amazing.. yet another of those moments when no one had a camera (or the sense to use it anyway).
A wonderful, slightly bizarre, sight.
Invented by a Brit in 1871 it was a fitting tribute on the day when Chris Hoy put the lid on a fantastic week of cycling.

Thing I don't get is ... the riverside path along by the Esk is really overgrown at the moment and once or twice when I was running I had to duck to avoid low branches - how the hell did he get round on that thing?

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