Monday, 6 August 2012


A great weekend of Olympic viewing. Probably spent as long in front of the telly as your average fatty watching soaps.

I don’t want to sound superficial or shallow… I know that the economy is still buggered and the world is generally a shit place to live, but all the bad news will still be there for us in a week or so. I, for one, am quite enjoying getting lost in it all for a wee while.
I imagine that up and down this great land of ours, a nation’s hard drive TV recorders are bulging with a load of unwatched crap – while everyone’s usual viewing is put onto a back burner while the games are on. I for one am now three episodes “behind” with “The Walking Dead” – though to be honest I’ve kinda lost interest in that – the characters are all so unlikable that I’ve started rooting for the zombies.
Still, you cant live all your sporting life vicariously, and I did find time for a couple of runs at the weekend. A nice hilly 9 on Saturday (mainly off road) and a 14 miler yesterday – timed to get me back to the house just after the women’s marathon had started.

But sporting endeavour hasn’t been the only arena of competition this weekend – hell no. Tensions were at a peak this weekend with the annual "Innerwick Flower Show". Team Woodhall was represented by Anne (again) who managed to “podium” three times (when the hell did “podium” become a verb, by the way??). Silver for “scones (cheese)”, silver for “jelly (bramble)”, but best of all a gold this year in “jam’s (other)”. “Tea Loaf” needs a wee bit of practice before next year though…….

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