Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Don't know about anyone else but I'm enjoying the Olympics on the telly.
It's not that I'm sitting there for hours and hours on end watching it. But when I am in the house I'm quite enjoying having it on - in the background, usually with the sound turned off (too much jazz to listen to). It's a sort of colourful substitute for a lava lamp I suppose.
I will, obviously turn the jazz off and put the sound up when something that specifically interests me. Strangely though I'm quite happy to leave the music on and just watch the ladies beach volleyball - who needs a commentary? I don't even care about the score. As long as each match goes the full distance.
Not usually one for swimming but the camera work this time round is fantastic, you really get in amongst the action.
Only complaint?? After about 4 hours of sport it would be nice if the news could concentrate on non Olympic news.

Anyhoo. It's inspiring me - not exactly to "greatness" - but to put a bit more effort into my training.
The hamstring/leg/arse combo has reached a stage where, while not getting fully "better" certainly isn't getting any worse.
So.... going to have a go and drag my sorry butt up North Berwick Law tonight.
It won't be quick but there will be some "Olympic" dimensions to my performance (a) A bit like South Korean and Chinese badminton players I won't be giving it my all. I apologise in advance to any spectators about my lacklustre performance, but I'll definitely be holding back, the aim is to get up and down the Law pain free and comfortably.
And..(b) "Yes" I will confirm the suspicions of any American coaches who may be watching ... I fully intend to be doped to the eyeballs... namely Ibuprofen, paracetamol and slatherings of Tiger Balm... so there!!

Perhaps the main reason I'm doing the race though is that the club are going out for pizza afterwards. Can't miss out on that.

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