Thursday, 2 August 2012



It’s my current mantra – my “mission statement” if you prefer. Or at least it was last night for the North Berwick Law race.

And I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Started off quite well back and started relatively sedately.

By the time I’d got out of the park and onto the road up to the swimming pool, though, my leg was feeling quite good so I decided to pick up the pace a bit (and “yes” I was doped up).

Managed to pass quite a lot of people and even got near Ian R and James Addie just before the foot of the law.

Like most others I walk/climbed up the hill. Collected my rubber band and set off for the rapid descent back into North Berwick….

…and promptly fell! Nothing serious, just a bit of “road rash” on the arm - which give the nations current enthusiasm for all things “cycling” due to the popularity of “Sir” Wiggo, is probably quite fashionable just now!! However, it dent the old confidence. I’d made the [foolish] decision to wear road shoes for the race. My idea being that two thirds of the race are on the road and I could do with the support cushioning. What I failed to realise is that while only one third of the race is on the hill that’s where 90% of your time is made up or lost. While the rain hadn’t been as bad yesterday as had been forecast there had been some and the Law was a bit “greasy”.

Not a good descender at the best of times I actually spent time “sledging” down the hill on my @rse! Very undignified.

Then – just to keep up with tradition you understand – I got cramp in my calf muscles when I got back onto the level (always happens to me on this race).

By the time I got the feeling back and got stated again loads had passed me. Saw Brian fly by, but try as I might, by the time I got back I couldn’t catch him.

So… a bit of a “PW” this year I’m afraid, but I’m still over the moon with it (26:02). Given me a bit of a boost to be back out there. Going to have a go at intervals tonight. Not expecting much, but I’ll give it a go.

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