Sunday, 12 August 2012


Last nights tea was timed to perfection - timed that is not to clash with Mo Farah's 5k race (we watched the race then had our tea).
Two Saturday's in a row of really great telly. It's been a great summer really - three weeks of the Tour, a weeks "rest", then two weeks of the Olympics.
But sadly all good things come to an end and, as of next week, telly once more caters for all the vacuous, lard-arsed, dullards out there with the return of the truly awful X-Factor, *cough* "Celebrity" Big Brother and it's ilk. Not to mention the soaps... surely watching them is just natures way of telling you to go and stick your head in the oven!

Anyway, one argument could be less sport on the telly = more time left for actually getting out there and doing some!!
Managed to time my own Sunday LSD to get me back in time for the second half of the mens marathon today (great race from Kiprotich). My run was a 15 mile jaunt through the wind farms to Crichness then back and taking in a wee loop of High Woods. Mostly off road and very hilly. Just under two hours and 15 miles. Felt good. Used my newly repaired trail shoes again and they are still holding up well.
Noticed yesterday that my "new" [5 week old] road shoes are showing pretty severe signs of wear on the extreme outside of the heel on the left sole already, so I might give them some "preventative" maintenance with the shoe goo already.

It's not even Monday and I'm looking forward to Friday already!
Finish work this week and tootle off to Italy for my hol's. Definitely taking my running gear with me. No idea at all what the running will be like where we are going - but surely we'll find some sort of route. Nothing too strenuous, just enough to provide some damage limitation for the cake and pasta overload that I'm planning.

Once the holiday is over I really need to assess what I want to do the rest of this year. Really fancy the Jedburgh 38 mile race, but don't know if I'll have the time to build up the distance.... we'll see.

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