Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Out tonight running (well, there's a novelty). Off to do the annual Carfrae Mill to Gifford run organised by HELP.
Really looking forward to it. Didn't manage last year (thwacked knee) and could only bimble round the year before that (thwacked rib), so this year - all being well - I can really enjoy it.
Out with the club last night and did a nice quick nine mile run - so I'm even feeling confident that the whole hamstring/glute/arse thing is behind me (think there might be a pun in there).

Then tomorrow it's the last leg of the East Lothian "Summer" Series, followed by the traditional BBQ and prize giving. In fact tomorrow it's unlikely I'll get a run in myself, so I might "change" over rest days and go out a run on Friday (may not get a run in on Saturday either!!)

So. Other than Friday night there is not a lot of time to pack and get ready for my hols.... So I've made a start. A start on the important things!

To whit...what music to listen to. Loaded a whole batch of Italian Jazz onto my MP3 player. I've got a whole hutch of stuff by Miles Davis inspired trumpet player Enrico Rava, a batch by the younger Paolo Fresu, the piano is played admirably by Steffano Bollani and a guy I'm really just getting to grips with Enrico Pieranunzi. But it's not all Italian musicians (oh no), there's some Italian influences as well... Chet Baker, "with 50 Italian Strings". Now, I love a good "with strings" album as much as the next man.... but this really isn't one of them ("good" that is). It's about as cheesy as a quattro fromaggi pizza, and yet it still has a certain light weight cheesey charm about it. I've got The Modern Jazz Quartet "No Sun In Venice" and for the stereotypes to beat all stereotypes - The Theme From The Godfather by Jazz Jamaica All Stars.

And for reading? Well a couple of Donna Leon Inspector Brunetti books have been put on the ereader.
Clothes and crap like that can just get bunged in a backpack on Saturday morning.

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