Sunday, 22 July 2012


Last week was quite a high mileage week (for a man who claims injury anyway).
It helped that on Thursday night I wasn't required for stopwatch duty at the club. Frank was on hand to ensure that they all had their timings sorted for hill reps up by Wester Broomhouse. This cleared the way for me to tootle off for  wee jog on my own. Ended up doing about 8.5 at a nice sedate pace.

Yesterday I was out fo about 11 in the sunshine!! Oh lordy yes. The sun was out .... so, so was I! I even wore my "summery" yellow tee-shirt. Partly because it's a nice light weight one, and partly in tribute to Wiggo ("in Mod we trust")!! How frickin' good has this years tour been. To watch Brad, on Friday, in yellow, start the lead out that helped Cav get his second stage win must rank as one of the best sporting moments ever. Saturday's time trial was ineresting enough and today should be a cavalcade for Wiggins, but Friday was a bit of a "they think it's all is now" moment.

Then today I went out for 17. Again at an "easy" pace. Sun was out again... but so was the bloody wind!! My 17 mile run was probably closer to 17.25 but I turned my Garmin off for the part where I had to sprint back down the road to catch my cap after it blew off. Felt slow today, but enjoyed it all the same.  The "injury" seems to be improving. But is that due to the deep tissue massage, the new shoes, taking the pace a bit easier or self medicating last week with old analgesic that were WAY past their use by date? I don't know. Thing is it still hurts like hell when I have to sit fo any length of time, and we are off tomorrow night to a gig at the Queens Hall - a venue not exactly renound for the comfort of the seating!! Should be interesting.

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