Sunday, 8 July 2012


Another completely shitty  weekend. Yesterday especially (Saturday). Anne had thought about going into Edinburgh for some food festival that was being held at the meadows - but it got flooded out and cancelled. The Haddington Agricultural show was cancelled as well.

But runs must go on and yesterday I went for a nine mile bimble up by the windfarms - big mistake.
The rain was coming down like stair-rods at our bit. BUT by the time I had got as far up as Weatherly not only was it still chucking it down but low cloud was bringing visibility down to about ten yards.
I've been that route countless times, but the conditions still made the landscape alien. Even missed  a turn at one point. It was eerie running under massive wind turbines, being within about 10 to 15 yards of them - and not seeing them. Just hearing the "woosh, woosh" as the blades cut through the rain.
Despite having on a Gortex jacket I was soaked to the bone by the time I got home.
With the amount of gear we both get through, and the pairs of shoes littering the kitchen and "utility room"* drying off you'd think it was winter rather than July. (* AKA "the back lobby"). On Wednesday when it was briefly dry I did get my shoes outside for a wee while ..... Only to have a chaffinch flap down from our birdfeeder with a peanut, settle on the side of my shoe to eat the nut... while shitting inside it!! Damn near dry and had to go back under the tap for a wash :-(

Today I did 13 miles. I got new shoes yesterday (Saucony this time), but didn't want to try them out in such crappy conditions (I thought there would be a lot of mud and bits of flooding) - SO I did an 11 mile route in my old shoes... decided it wasn't too bad then went out for 2 to test the new ones. I'll give them a better try this week.

Hamstring was still a bit tight today - though not as bad as before. Hopefully the new shoes will help.

Managed not to get drawn into all the Wimbledon/Andy Murray madness that swept the nation. I wished the lad well... but tennis just doesn't do it for me, so I was buggered if I was going to watch 5 hours of it.
Le Tour? Yes.
Tennis? No.

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runtwo said...

Sounds crap- mid 30s over here in Italy ;-) way too hot for running. will try and bring some sunshine back this week.