Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Most people - runners certainly - are familiar with the basic concept of "deep tissue massage". The masseur identifies the individual muscle or muscle group that's causing the problem. Then, with the aid of liberal pummelling, systematically sets out to twist, squeeze, and pulverise every other muscle not in that group. This gives the "patient" something else to worry about other than the original injury.
Bloody agony - but it seems to work!
An hour on the table on Monday, during which time my leg was twisted and bent into shapes that even with the loosening of a few lock nuts and the application of a can of WD40, Douglas Badder wouldn't have managed, and I was "good to go".
I thanked the masseur, paid my money then limped back to my office while the tears ran down my face!

To be honest, I didn't feel "good to go" yesterday morning - unless "to go" referred to "nowhere really far and at a snails pace". Jeeze, I felt as though my leg had been kicked by a mule.

However, as the day went on the residual pain started to ease and I was aware that the underlying niggle that I've had for weeks now was a lot better (not 100% but at least "a lot"). I might have to go back for another session, but it is a lot better (if I can pluck up the courage to go back).
"Better" enough, in fact, that I could do an 11.5 mile cross country run with the club last night that saw us go through John Muir out to Tyningham beach then cross the Tyne.

Oh yes - nothing better than a waist deep river crossing to bring the life back into the old legs!

God knows why, but as I entered the river I noticed two golf balls sitting on the river bed. Don't know if they had been washed down there, or someone had dropped them or what... but for some daft reason I decided to pick them up out of the water and waded through to the other side with them.... then realised I still had about 5 miles to run - so threw them back in!! What a fruitless exercise.

Leg feels a lot better, but I'm still going to ca' canny for a week or two. So I think I'll sit out tomorrow nights East Lothian Summer Series race at Longnnidry and just stand with the stop watch.

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