Sunday, 1 July 2012


Seems to be a lot of doom and gloom about at the moment.
Running certainly isn't going how I would like it to. The pain in my left hamstring/arse cheek just will not shift.. I'm getting a full "stride" from the right hand side of my body, but I'm lucky if the left can get 50/60% mobility (does that make sense??).
I went down to the club on Thursday with no intention of doing the track session whatsoever. As it was, rain had pretty much stopped play anyway. The track was a no go area. Plus a few others who had exerted themselves the weekend before at races, were not in the mood for a short sharp shock anyway.
So we went off down by Belhaven Bay and John Muir Country park for a bit of a slower paced run. That suited me fine. I'm having real problems with anything quicker than 7min pace at the moment.
It's actually got so bad that I'm off to see a physio tomorrow. First time in about 6 years that I've been to see one of them.
It could be worse. At least I can still run (did 11 this morning) - it's just frustrating that I just can't lift the pace at all. Even LSD is out of the question at the moment, I think 11 or 12 miles is about my limit.
I think once I've seen Kirsty (the physio) I'll maybe get my gait looked at and invest in new shoes. I've got this horrible, niggling feeling that the Brooks I wear have had some slight change to their design that's at the root of all this (maybe I'm just paranoid - or clutching at straws looking for a quick fix).
Hopefully I'll get back into a normal pattern of training again soon. Got my beady little eye on a long race in October, but I can't even think about entering that if I can't manage the training.
Also short and fast runs are off my dance card at the moment.

I'm also a bit gloomy at the thought of my return to the arse-hole-factory tomorrow. I've always been of the belief that "it's the British thing to do" to dislike your work (certainly people who go about the workplace full of the joys of spring give me the creeps). However, at this moment in time I absolutely despise my working situation. The tender for our contract has now been sitting with the [un]Civil Servants for over six months now and they still havent made a decision on it yet (doesn't fill you with much confidence).

Still - at least "proper sport" is on the telly now. None of that "soccer" pish that's been polluting the screen lately. Le Tour is back on ITV4 - hurray! A small glimmer of light in a dull and dreary world. Is it just me or does Bradley Wiggins look like the hideous love-child of Paul Weller and Noddy Holder??

Another thing to be cheery about, I suppose, is getting my tickets to go and see The Bad Plus and Joshua Redman at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival in a few weeks. Looking forward to that.

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