Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Did the route of the "Doon Hill" race last night as a club run - and the legs felt none too bad. Didn't try to go at silly speeds, but I did feel better than I've felt for a while.
Got my holidays coming up in about 4 weeks, so planning on keeping it low key(ish) before and during then, then see what I'm like after that. My weekly milage hasn't been significantly lower while I've had this problem - just don't feel I'm getting the "quality" in.

As it was today's run was a pretty slow affair. But that had more to do with the fact that within about 200m from the door I was already soaked through to the skin and the rain was pouring down my neck, down my back and out of my shorts! WHEN in the name of f*** are we going to get anything that even resembles a "summer"??
It was a case today of shuffling along with the head down, while the wind and rain battered into me, keeping my eyes fixed on the road in front and watching the rain pour off the peak of my hat.

Got home and stood outside to take my shoes off (I couldn't get any wetter anyway), then nipped in quickly and stood in the bath to get out of my wet gear.

I hope the Olympic village is copiously supplied with tumble driers! If the weather stays like this, they are going to need them.

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