Wednesday, 11 July 2012


The leg/hamstring/arse "niggle" is getting better ... better at roughly the same pace as I'm running at the moment - slowly!
Trying my best to stretch when I can. Though according to Anne lying on your back and going blue in the face while you struggle to lift your leg isn't really the way to do it. It appears that popular opinion is that you should relax and breathe easily while doing stretches!! Who'd have thought.

Yesterday and this morning the met office had been issuing "weather warnings" for the Lothians and Borders along the lines of "feck! Run for higher ground!". It was foretold that floods of biblical proportions were headed our way.
So.... working from home today, I decided to get out for my run early. The rain wasn't yet reaching the apocalyptic proportions forecast - it was simply an old fashioned "heavy downpour" (or "drizzle" as we call it this summer).
So all gortexed-up I headed up into the windfarms once more. I must say, it was a lot lot clearer than the other day. I could see the turbines.. I could see the roads! What a pity then that I somehow missed the transit van full of workers who decided to pass me the very moment I stopped to add my own little liquid contribution to the already saturated road.... Oh how they laughed!!

Got back, soaked to the skin, but happy to have my 10 miles in for the day.
And today at lunchtime? When I'd normally go for my run? Dry as a bone.

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